Assembling the 7218 workbench

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Assembling the 7218 workbench

Assembling our 7218 is fast and easy, 2 person job recommended…


Remove packaging strips and slide box upwards

Unwrap and sort contents

Remove wheels and handles box from central Drawer

Mount 2 Handles

Lay Base unit on its back using cardboard for protection

Mount Wheels – 2 Brake pieces to front of unit if all wheels swivel, if 2 fixed wheels then place these at same end and 2 swivel wheels at other end.

Stand Base up on wheels and peel protective covers off all part

Mount vertical rails – Note hole shapes for Bolts


Mount the 4 Rails


Place some protection on wood benchtop – put pegboard in position and decide if you want access holes at bottom or top


Bolt pegboard in place


Mount upper cabinet – Must use 2 people for this, one to hold and one to insert bolts


Move into Position, lock brakes and enjoy


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  • Admin

    have sold close to a thousand of these units, it comes in one box just unpack and install easily.

    June 18, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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