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How to Store Tools

Most of us have a wide variety of tools stored in various places around the house or garage. Maybe you have random screwdrivers and hammers stored in the house, in the car port, garden tools like rakes and shovels against the garage wall and power tools stuffed in the plastic containers. If you aren’t storing these tools properly, it’s possible they could get easily aged or damaged and you waste time looking for them when you need them. (more…)

How to Cut Kaizen Layered Tool Foam

Kaizen Tool Foam is an easy DIY alternative to high density EVA tool foam to use when organizing tool trays or any kit system. Designed to give you an easy way to achieve maximum organization and visual control in your work space. Kaizen Foam sheets are made up of separate layers that allows you to use a cutting knife and your fingers to peel away the cut layers to create a fit for all your tools in drawers and...

Which garage floor tiles

How to choose which garage floor tiles to use in your garage? There are a few things to consider, do you want a simple DIY solution and what look and feel are you after and how much do you want to spend. the more you can do yourself the lower the spend. (more…)

Standard Garage Modules – How to build your garage workbench and storage

This is an easy and super fast way to build your own steel garage workbench, drawer, cabinet and storage configuration, get the layout that works best for you with these free standing modular solutions that join together to make a workbench combination that has variable length and variable parts. Its like Lego for your garage, buy the blocks you like and add them together in the combination you want to create your garage dream. The space you need works around a...

Assembling the 9624 series workbench

This is the easiest of them all, it comes 99% assembled , the wheels are already on it! In fact when it comes in its carton the pallet footing is where the wheels are so remove the cardboard covering the wheels and you can roll it around while the rest of the box is still on it. The main box is easily lifted off, only thing then to do is find the package with the 2 end handles which will...