EVA Foam Sheet Set 1Mx0.6Mx20mm



Height 15mm + 5 mm
Width 600mm
Depth 1000mm
Properties EVA Foam

1 set of Large 1M sheets of EVA Tool Box Foam to create your own tool box organizer (15mm top sheet and a 5mm base sheet)

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Large sheets of EVA Tool Box Foam (100cm x 60 cm) to create your own shadowboard (DIY) tool box organizer that you customize yourself for your own tools. Everyone has different toolboxes and tool chests, and everyone likes to use tools and lay them out differently. Each sheet should be enough for 2 trays in most standard size tool boxes.

No more loose tools floating around and see instantly what is not put back in place after use. Maybe your tool box came with 3 drawers of tools in trays but there are another 4 drawers with loose tools, this fixes that problem.

These sheets come as a set, the base is 5mm thick and the top piece is 15mm thick. The idea is your shadow board and cut out the tool profiles you want in the top sheet only. When complete you place that on top of the base sheet for perfect flat finish. Want a thicker layer then double the top layers so you have 30mm, simply cut through both.

Tailor this foam to fit your needs. It can be used for more than just tools, use for organising electrical items, cameras, guns, anything that you want to protect and look good in storage.

Foam is easily cut with sharp utility knife, scalpel or hot blade. A router is also a useful tool here.

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What you will need

  • A set of our Galaxy EVA foam sheets made up of 15mm top sheet which has the special tool tray finished black surface sheet on coloured foam and a matching coloured 5mm base sheet. These sheets are sold as 1,000mm x 600mm sets. Enough for 2 tool drawers.
  • Sharp scalpel, sharp utility knife or modeling knife but have a blade length that will cut all the way through the 15mm at a 45 degree angle. You do not want to do a saw action when you cut, a single deep cut is what you are aiming to do. Do not use a dull blade.
  • A handy idea is to have a sheet of sticky contact paper or sticky school book cover roll. With this approach you can stick a cover on the top surface of the foam and draw your tool shapes onto it for cutting.
  • A marker to outline the tool shapes and cutting points.
  • Handy to also have a cutting mat to cut on.
  • Straight Edge to cut the lengths against. Straight edge is also good guide to use router or cutters where there are straight lines of tool shadows. Perfect straight edges are the most difficult without some guide.
  • All the tools required to be placed within the shadowboard.
  • Alternate cutting methods can be to use a Dremel Tool or even a Hand held router. Our preference is the hand held router with adjustable height settings, remember though to move it clockwise to cut and don’t rush.
  • You can use book cover sticky paper (just over a $1 for a roll) stuck on top of 15mm EVA sheet and draw on it the tool outlines. The router just needs to be a cheap single speed laminate router (cost just over $50) with sliding height adjuster. The plastic base slides very smoothly across the paper on the foam. When finished just peel off the cover paper that remains.



  1. Cut the length and width of the 2 sheets of foam to fit the drawers. Make sure you cut the shape slightly smaller than the actual drawer size so you can easily slide these in or out of the drawer, reduce by 2mm at least for width and length.
  2. Place the thinner 5mm sheet into the drawer, no further cuts on this sheet are required.
  3. Check that the top 15mm piece also fits the drawer correctly before next steps.
  4. The tools shapes will be cut in this top piece so back to the cutting table.
  5. Place the tools on to the top 15mm foam in the positions that they have to be located on the shadowboard. Some prefer to turn this sheet over and lay it face down and start from the back. Remembering if turned over that this layout will be a mirror image of the upper surface. This has the advantage of then having the coloured side facing you in this process and you can mark it easily for cutting and if it gets dirty it does not matter as it will be placed downwards in the drawer when in use.
  6. Other methods are to use a piece of paper pinned to the foam or use contact paper or book cover paper which have a sticky side cut to size to mark up the tool shapes and then lay that over the foam and cut through both.
  7. Take a digital image of the tool layout for reference to check.
  8. Draw around each tool or cut directly around the tool if large item and you are confident.
  9. Using a very sharp scalpel or modeling knife, carefully cut all the way through the foam along the line of each shape. If using a dremel or hand held router you may not need to cut all the way through as the router bits can provide a clean surface finish.
  10. USA based Foam Fits tools have video uploaded on using the
    hand router method:
  11. Put the top piece of foam back in the drawer when finished.
  12. Populate the shadowboard with the tools.
  13. There will be surplus EVA foam left over from the 1M sheet, most drawers are 400mm so may only use 800mm of the sheet for 2 drawers. This can be used for other areas or even to practice cutting on so don’t throw it away just yet.


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  1. Cam Ashurt

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