Edge-Garage Instant DIY Floor Tiles Black – No Lugs


10mm Male Sloping Edge

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These edge tiles create smooth slope to meet the floor tiles, they come with either a male or Female connectors so make sure you kmow which way you are going to lay the main floor tiles.

Use tem at the entry of the garage or if you want to create a free standing area then place on all edges and use corner pieces to complete the area.

These tiles take the weight of a heavy 4WDV, tile your garage, patio or any other area as a DIY project or get us to install for you. They simply click together to make a mosaic pattern of your styling. Easy to cut for the final edging to fit your space.

PVC floor tiles have become an increasingly popular choice in the domestic garage and other spaces due to their great looks, their versatility, and ease of installation. No adhesive means no prep work is required, ensuring a double garage can usually be tiled in a day and can be used immediately, no waiting! Just move your stuff back in and enjoy.

Due to their interlocking design, PVC tiles create a great looking and practical floor, easy to clean, hard wearing, a much more efficient solution than the traditional concrete.

PVC tiles are suitable for all garage interior functions including home gyms, play rooms and a space to park your car. Our PVC garage flooring tiles come with a raised texture making them anti-slip too!

  • Quick to fit and can be used immediately – no adhesive required!
  • Hard wearing and water resistant
  • Available in a choice of surfaces and colours
  • Underside has drainage channels for liquids to drain away.
  • Easy to remove if required, moving house, take them with you.

Our garage flooring tiles can be ordered as part of a complete garage fit-out with garage workbench and cabinets or as a single order garage interior solution.

Access side is fitted with a sloping strip that attaches to these tiles for smooth finish.

SKU: D305x10E2

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 30.5 cm


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