Standard Garage Modules – How to build your garage workbench and storage

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Standard Garage Modules – How to build your garage workbench and storage

This is an easy and super fast way to build your own steel garage workbench, drawer, cabinet and storage configuration, get the layout that works best for you with these free standing modular solutions that join together to make a workbench combination that has variable length and variable parts.

Its like Lego for your garage, buy the blocks you like and add them together in the combination you want to create your garage dream.

The space you need works around a design height at maximum of 2M or just to 0.95M to the workbench top, depth is 46cm plus some space for vertical mounts at 3cm, length is upto you as u can just keep adding more modules – no limit and you can even go around 90 Degree corners and keep adding.

To work out exact length of a project you need to know the width of each module piece which are either 600, 680 or 915mm and sum these together and that the workbench tops come in 2 sizes that cover either 2 base or 3 base unit spaces.

  • Base drawer style units are 680mm wide x 458mm deep x 910mm tall
  • Single door tall cabinets are 600mm wide x 458mm deep x 2000mm tall
  • Double door tall cabinets are 915mm wide x 458mm deep x 2000mm tall
  • Workbench tops are either stainless steel or wood. They come in either 1361mm length to cover 2 base units or a 2041mm length to cover 3 base units. They can be butted together to extend the total length.

To complete the look and style you can add pegboards and upper cabinets if you wish but that is not essential. These are sized to match the width of the base units.

2M Wide sample set plus single door cabinet added, this setup is often the starter kit without the centre rolling cabinet that most people buy.


  • Pegboard pieces are available if you want pegboards connected to a base unit, these have the USA style peg boards with the round peg mounting holes. These pegboards have bolt holes to match mounts for upper cabinets if required. You could even mount a TV or computer display screen on them instead or a combination of the upper cabinet units and a TV
  • Upper cabinets pieces can be then mounted onto the pegboard via included bolts if desired are leave out for larger pegboard area
  • Corner units are also available that can make the system go around corner walls
  • Vertical pillars are used to join the units together to make a free standing set. They come as a joiner piece that connects 2 pegboards or as end piece if there is no connection required to the next item
  • These units are not mounted to the wall of your garage. Easily moved if required
  • Drawer dividers are available
  • Tool kits in EVA trays are available to match the drawer sizes
  • Many other accessories will be made available over time.

Base units refer to the cabinets that sit under the bench, you can mix and match these to your own choice as they are all same dimensions and options cover:

  • 4 Drawer Unit
  • 5 Drawer Unit
  • 7 Drawer Unit
  • 2 Vertical Door Cabinet Unit
  • Rubbish Bin Unit with Paper Roll Holder
  • Tap and Sink Unit
  • Hose reel unit
  • There is also a mobile tool trolley on wheels that can be used as a centre of 3 units, or
  • leave the centre of 3 units empty so you can put a chair there and use it as a desk area.

On our site we have suggested kit solutions as ready to order units but if you look at individual items you can create your own kit, Not sure then call us.

Some layout suggestions

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